About us

We are software solutions development company for large, medium companies and government institutions. We have solid team of highly qualified specialists which have been working together for more then 10 years in different set-ups and still wants more. We do and like to work closely with our customers, build long term relationships and continuously deliver variety of IT services and solutions for different needs. Average time of collaboration with our current customers is 5 years. We are involved into ideas, requirements, issues, efforts and successes of our customers. At the same time we are curious and are exited about getting into new industries meeting new people and challenging new types of problems.

We build our systems in iterative and incremental manner allowing our customers to select comfortable duration of development iteration (from 1 week till several months) and early asses the product being developed, precise the requirements and make necessary changes. If you would like to see what can we do for you – please check out more at Our services. You also might be interested in a feedback provided by our customers about our work – please see it at Testimonials