One of the thing we are most exited about our job is the ability to step into shoes of our customers. We are curious people and we like to enrich our knowledge, understand how things are working in this world with each new project, industry and client. This allows us to escape the routine. Get to know how bank transactions are processed? What are the parameters affecting insurance premium? How livestock selection is organized? What is the crime investigation process? We knew it from all the projects that we have performed in the past and currently doing. We are getting involved into business of our customers deeply (now you know what the name of our company means :)), helping to reveal needs and propose the solution. We are delivering broad range of business support systems: core systems, integration platforms, CRMs, billing, dedicated to internal or public use, having self-service web portals and mobile apps for banking, insurance, logistic, government sectors. We are not limiting our selves to particular industries or type of the solutions – if you feel that your company have unique business processes, you are government institution that needs to regulate the whole industry/sector or you are just struggling to find the ready made IT solution that fits your needs and in the same time is price/performance effective – do not worry, we can develop it for you – the solution which perfectly suits your needs and supports all nuances of your business and is integrated into your ecosystem.

Examples of our custom developed solutions: