Combination of skills acquired through development of IT business systems, creating of ETL processes for data warehouses and performing database administration/tuning allowed us to create unique proposition – data migration services for our customers. If you are running a big project of replacement of you mission critical system which requires migration, cleansing and transformation of big amount of complex data (like replacement of core Banking information system) – we can make this work for you by providing ready made framework which we have applied in similar projects. We will establish the processes to make sure that no data is lost during migration, it meets quality criteria and system downtime caused by migration of data is as small as possible.

When we create data driven solutions like migration of data, building ETL processes and reports for DWH to achieve the quality and performance in final product in development and testing usually we use copy of production data. To make use that sensitive data (like customers contact information, card numbers etc.) is not exposed inappropriately we have developed data anonimization tool which do encryption and/or scrambling of sensitive information. We offer this tool to our customers as a part of our project as a service or standalone.

Examples of realized migration projects: