Each system that we have developed is our little baby. Development of the new system is creative, highly intense, exciting, risky process full of drive and energy and we enjoy it. However we like no less to look how are babies are growing and maturing. That’s why we are offering support services! We like to look after our systems. We are satisfied to see our systems being actively used helping to improve life of our customers. We like to participate in developing of the system in long term, adding new feature to it, making it better and better based on feedback acquired from the end users or adopting new goals set by management.

So, if the system is already in production and warranty period is about to expire – do not worry we will assure further system support, capacity and performance tuning, database administration, bug fixing and development of new features. We will do it either for systems developed by ourselves or could overtake support of the systems developed by other vendors.  We can do it as exclusive support provider or in collaboration with original vendor/ support provider of the system. All mentioned services are provided within agreed service level , providing help desk and issue tracking system.

Sample of our supported projects: